A wide range of systems offered by Aluprof facilitate a variety of structural elements that are responsible for fire protection zones in buildings, and provide the right conditions for evacuation of its occupants. These solutions include both a window wall & door system option, extending to a typical stick assembly curtain wall system solution. The fire resistance performance of these solutions, depending on the project requirements, are available in a variety of classes, from as low as EI 15 (15 minutes) up to a an EI class of 120 (2 hours) for vertical assemblies, and achieve a class of REI 20/ RE 30 for roof glazing.

The following solutions, categorised by their common fire retardant properties, are responsible for the safety of a building’s occupants during a fire:

  • MB-78EI internal & external partition walls  & doors (classes EI 15 to EI 90),

  • MB-78EI DPA automatic sliding doors (EI 30),

  • MB-118E fire walls (EI 120),

  • MB-SR50 EI and MB-SR50N EI curtain wall (classes EI 15 to EI 60),

  • MB-SR50 EI EFEKT and MB-SR50N EI EFEKT curtain walls (classes EI60), glazed fire roofs (RE 120/ RE 30),

  • MB-45D smoke-tight door & smoke exhaust windows & valves.

An important feature of the Aluprof fire rated solutions is their ability to interface with each other, one system to the next, whilst maintaining the necessary fire resistance. This is demonstrated with the integration of the MB-78EI door into the MB-SR50 EI and MB-SR50N EI curtain wall, enabling the whole structure to achieve a common EI 30 or EI 60 class performance. The same MB-78EI door possibility exists, with implementation into the MB-118EI wall system.

OWS Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of the Aluprof MB-78EI thermally broken window and door system and the MB-SR50N EI aluminium curtain wall system.

Our aluminium fire rated products are a popular alternative to steel or timber products and generally provide benefits in both cost and lead times.

Our fire rated aluminium doors can be fitted with electric strikes, panic bars and multi point locks. Internal doors can be made without a threshold.

Fire Rated

We offer a trade supply service for Fire Rated windows and doors. We can provide detailed installation instructions along with intumescent fixing materials to give you the confidence to be sure that your installations will achieve the correct fire rating. Detailed test data is available along with a certificate to confirm that your products have been correctly manufactured.